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B&R in VanMag

Sneak peak at a B&R blurb in the May issue of Vancouver Magazine! Likely the first positive use of the word "hipster" in quite some time...

We're a Hot Shop!

In case you missed it, Blake & Riley was a featured Hot Shop at Vitamin Daily recently.

The Blossoms of Spring

Thank you to everyone who came out and made our Grand Opening a smashing success! We were really moved by the turnout. It was fantastic to see the block buzzing and all the kids hopped up on cotton candy. Our whole family turned out to help out; here's Sam wowing the crowd with his sugar spinning skills.

The party has really got us in the mood for spring. New beginnings are in the air! We've moved things around in the shop with the help of some retail wizards (thanks Jen!) and have some fantastic new designs...

Grand Opening - March 21, 2015

We're giving away $100 gift certificates!

March 21 from 12-6, 2150 W. 41st Ave., Kerrisdale, Vancouver

It's party time! We've been open softly for a little bit so people passing by could come in and take a peek at what we've been putting together. Now it's time to throw a proper do! Come down and see us on March 21st for free family photos (from 1-3), bubbly and cotton candy, as well as a chance to win one of the $100 gift certificates we'll be giving away.

We're excited to be a part of the neighbourhood! Come say hi on March 21st at 2150 W....


It's been an epic journey for us putting together our brand, searching the globe for our collection, and getting everything up and running. We're a family-run show, which means our kids have been with us the whole way. They've been helping a ton: hammering with plastic hammers, offering extravagant fashion proposals, maintaining our decibel levels, and ensuring that finding that vital piece of paper is always an adventure.

You can come down and see us at 41st Ave. and Yew, in Kerrisdale, Vancouver.

But if you can't come say hi in person, we've got most of our international selection of designs up here on the site.