Striking Kids' Rooms in Neutral Shades

Traditionally, kids' rooms are super bright affairs, with lots of vivid primary colours. But the latest trend is toward more neutral shades in styling your child’s bedroom into a modern nursery. Of course, that’s not to say it should be boring; you’ll be impressed by the standout look you can achieve while creating an amazing haven for the little people you love most. Check out this room that Hey-Sun (Blake & Riley's boss lady) put together to showcase the power of neutral colours.


-Harlequin Wallpaper – Grey (Ferm Living)

-The walls are your canvas. You can create a children’s wonderland with what you hang on them. But first you need a solid foundation: the wallpaper. This eye-catching pattern is from Ferm Living, a Danish design house that makes next-level Scandinavian home highlights. It’s non-woven so it’s quick and easy to put up.


-Wallstickers (Drops, Butterflies, Tweeting Birds/Ferm Living)

-You can transform the feel of the whole room really simply with wallstickers, like these tweeting birds, butterflies, or more Vancouver-appropriate rain drops. They go on easily and come off without leaving marks.


-Buddy, Flower Hooks/Tut-tut Train Storage Hook (Maze)

-We all know what a Sisyphean feat it is to keep kids’ rooms tidy. That’s where these Maze hangers and storage hooks come in. These look great in collections, and they charm your kids into cleaning up after themselves. You can slip books down the back of this Tut-tut Train and hang bags or little jackets from the front. And you can only get them in Canada at Blake & Riley.


-Black Bunny Timber Clock (La De Dah Kids)

-As long as they’re cleaning up after themselves, they may as well be on time. This crazy cute Wooden Bunny Head Clock will have them hopping to and adds a touch of spring.


-Faux Taxidermy (Rabbits, Elephant/La De Dah Kids)

-Faux taxidermy animal heads are a fantastic way to get your kids’ imaginations going. They’re handmade by an English company called Fiona Walker. No bunnies were harmed in making them.



-Eames-inspired Kids’ Table, Chairs

-Throw a modern touch on the classic teddy tea party with this Eames-inspired kids’ table and chairs. It’s pint-sized elegance for the knee-high set.


-Knitted Bean Bag (La De Dah Kids)

-Kids absolutely love curling up on these child-sized knitted bean bags. I admit to being personally jealous of these.


-Star Circle Rug (Hokmot)

-This super-soft Star Circle Rug really pulls the room together as a focal point. Stick it under this collapsible kid’s tent and you get something out of a Hi8 art-film fairy tale. Blake & Riley is the exclusive Hokmot stockist in Canada.


-Kids’ Tent, Organic Cotton Cushions (Ferm Living)

-Crochet Light Bulb (La De Dah Kids)

-These organic cotton cushions add comfort and style to the scene. Top it all off with a crochet light bulb, and you have a setting for your kids to create their own fairy tales in.

Most of the products listed here are only available in Vancouver at Blake & Riley. We do a ton of research into international design houses to maintain our unique aesthetic. We hope you like it!

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